GPHD 135 Journal #2: Case Study

Beep App
  1. Manual group process of determining which restaurant/food
  2. One person is assigned to do the ordering for everyone
  3. One person is assigned to check on the delivery time
  4. One person receives manual payment from everyone
  5. One person receives all reward points and gives restaurant ratings

-Users: mapping needs & priorities

-Key priorities and principles

Visual of the problem

Solution: create a Venmo-like experience! 🤳

Before jumping into some ideation magic, I only had a specific problem with no particular app in mind. I decided to select Beep — a new food delivery service from StoreHub that takes a smaller commission % from local restaurants than the established players in the market.

Site/App map
Video showcase how you can create an group order from within a food ordering app
Visual of creating a group
  • Leverage in-app features: complex problems do not always need complex solutions. By utilising what exists like users’ contacts to invite, basic payment and menus — this helps eradicate 80% of the issue at hand.
  • Urgency can be exciting: group orders is a social activity so implementing a timer and voting mechanism creates a fun, collective experience.
  • Inform when it’s a group/individual process: inform users when the entire group is required to progress the next step, e.g. voting for a restaurant, ordering and paying before delivery etc.



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